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Well, well, well it looks like the 2000's are coming back and so are the iconic rivalries that came with it. As we know, the Jersey Shore crew is rebooting for one final season and fans everywhere are so ready for it.

However there is one thing that people are a little iffy over right now, and it is the possibility of Angelina returning to the reboot as well. It's not just the fans that don't want her, but it's none other than the show favorite Snooki who seems to have a major problem with her potentially rejoining the cast! According to insiders, Snooki and Angelina's grudge never truly ended, and the two still beef to this very day! Snooki has never liked Angelina and we can't say we blame her!

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snooki at an event

snooki at an event

Angelina at the gym

Angelina at the event