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Wow- the comments on Bella Thorne’s latest Insta pic are insane!

Bella has become known for her racy selfies and eccentric outfits. The other day, the redhead posted a photo of her in a bodycon dress, seductively starring at the camera. The actress looked on fire in the sexy pic, but not all of her fans were pleased with the racy shot!

Fans began sounding off in the comments, criticizing Bella for posting photos like this one. But some fans had the audacity to blame the star’s bipolar disorder for her racy photos. “That’s why she goes from innocent to sexy in all of her pics, she’s bipolar,” one follower commented, sending a flurry of others to agree in the comments. Many fans remained convinced that Bella’s struggle with mental health may be the reason to blame for her recent provocative behaviour.

On the other hand, many other followers came to Bella’s defense and said she has every right to embrace her sexy side, if that’s what she wants. Taking racy photos doesn’t mean you’re struggling with mental health! And those fans definitely have a point.

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