• OMG!


This is some serious TEAAAA!

According to sources, some people have been saying that reality TV star, model and makeup mogul Kim Kardashian may actually be bald!!

Sounds like a pretty wild rumor, but we can totally see how people could think that its true. Insiders say that Kim K has dyed her hair so many times that it began to fall out around last year, making Kim start to bald which is why she has been wearing weaves for the past few months! She has been hiding her real damaged hair (or completely bald, because who knows at this point.)

Regardless, Kim is totally still snatching our wigs and weaves, and as always, we're HEREEEEE for it!

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Kim K at an event

Kim K at an event

Kim K at an event

Kim K out and about

Kim K at an event

Kim K at an event with sister Kendall Jenner