• OMG!


Guuurl the Tea is BOILING!

We came across the craziest theory online and honestly we're freaking out because it makes soooo much sense!

Here's the tea Ladies! Kat Dahlia is a Cuban-American artist from Miami, Florida her debut single "Gangsta" was released in March 2013, her debut album 'My Garden' was released in January 2015, her debut album was also the last album she released through Epic Records.

The gag is Epic dropped Kat Dhalia the same year Camila left 5H and the real TEA is every recent song by Camila sounds a lot like Kat Dhalia's work, everything about the 'New' Camila, the latin sensual singer is a copy of Kat's artistry, even Camila's voices and her delivery sounds extremely similar to Dhalia's (Scroll down to check Kat's work which sounds hella similar to Camila's solo work)

It's been rumoured that Camila always had the agenda of going solo since day one "Simon Cowell and LA Reid always wanted Camila to shine so he never showed her horrible audition to us." commented a fan under the video of Camila's X Factor audition, fans are speculating that Simon and Reid always had a plan to make Camila this generations Beyoncé! So this only makes sense they got rid of Kat Dhalia to give her esthetic to Camila the goat on a platter of gold!

What do you guys think? is this theory legit? did Camila steal kat's artistry?! Tweet us your thoughts @CelebsGo or leave a comment down below.