Oh Guuurl this drama is only getting nastier!

Yesterday a 6 year old podcast of Shane-anything for attention-Dawson defending pedophiles surfaced the web and caused so much controversy but, when you think, it doesn't get any bad, well guess what? it does!

It was revealed that Logan Paul's manager Jeffrey levin, reportedly paid PopBlast $6,500 to make the pedophile accusation video about Shane in an attempt to distract people from Logan-DumbDumb-Paul' drama, however Shane took to his Twitter account and addressed the matter and said that he doesn't think Logan's people were part of it, well if you don't think they were part of it why even address it? Shane is very smart so maybe he just used reverse psychology on your asses, because now he's making you believe that he was played and want to take your focus away from the bigger issue because now fans on social media are blaming Logan for 'destroying' Shane's reputation, but guess what he didn't? both of them deserve to be banned from YouTube because you can't make fun of suicide and you can't 'Joke' about pedophilia, it is a disgusting behavior and if you stand by that you surely need help.

Btw Shane you need someone to teach you how to sincerely apologize because that insincere apology 'Attempt' you were trying to give on your YouTube channel doesn't cut it! next time you try to 'Joke' about certain topics try to think about your fans and specially the young ones, because if you made fun of Pedophilia 6 years ago god only knows what else you joked about.