Honey Honey Ms Thang Selena! What the hell are you doing with your life?!

The singer has been going thru a lot of ups and downs in her life but let's cut to the chase, according to a close source to the starlet she's really fed up with Hollywood, "After getting close to god thanks to Justin, Selena is making some big changes in her life" said the source, "She's basically doing a fake people purge from her life and she made a decision to stay out of the lime light as much as she can" added the source, well that explains why she unfollowed most of her 'friends' on Instagram, as she unfollowed many people including Demi Lovato and Gigi Hadid.

Fans on social media have noticed how Selena is trying to connect with her roots and how she's so inactive with them on social media like she use to before, "Where are you Selena we miss you so much, please post more" commented a fan under one of her recent images on Instagram, "Selena you are scaring us you've been so inactive lately, are you quitting music are you leaving us?" commented another fan, alright some of y'all can be a little dramatic she's probably just enjoying some alone time, y'all remember how she posted on her story few months how she needed some alone time, so we think it's only fair to respect her and give her space until she solves whatever mess between her family and her boyfriend Justin cuz apparently she's working so hard to satisfy both sides.

Oh poor thing Selena, Good luck gurl! Tweet us your thoughts @CelebsGo or leave a comment down below

Selena Gomez in Mexico

Selena Gomez

Selena's boyfriend Justin Bieber

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Selena with her Mother who doesn't approve of her relationship with the Biebs

Selena Gomez with her friend and kidney donor Francia Raisa