Gigi Hadid is one of the hottest supermodels of this generation… or is she?

Fans are questioning Gigi’s talent after she released a series of pics from her latest campaign with Valentina. In two of the photos, Gigi is striking a similar pose featuring an arched back and her hand covering half her face. The model was showing off the designer’s new line of handbags, but all eyes were on Gigi’s unique poses.

The comments were divided on whether Gigi looked cute (or not) in the Valentino ad. Surprisingly, many of her followers left comments questioning her talent. “Gigi I love you, but this is just not a good pic of u,” one fan commented. Another said, “Looking demon-possessed isn’t high fashion, not a good look girl.” Maybe this was one shot Gigi shouldn’t have shared on IG!

These fans aren’t the first to question Gigi’s talents as a model before. Critics of the star claim that she’s only made it as a model because her mom used to be a huge runway star, and she herself grew up in the limelight. Aka. these haters don’t think it was Gigi’s talent that got her where she is. Harsh!

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