Uh Oh- is Bella Thorne okay?

Fans are concerned that the actress might be having suicidal thoughts after she posted a questionable video to Twitter the other day. In the vid, Bella tearfully tells her fans to stay strong as she appears visibly upset. She captioned it, “#TruthHasAVoice STAY STONG GUYS, stay strong!! I believe you can do it, just please, dont give up, it'll get better, it'll stop , I promise you, just dont give up. @bellathorne.”

The starlet recently opened up about the sexual abuse she experience as a child, and fans believe that’s what she may have been referring to her in post. However, Bella’s upset demeanour made fans question whether she was doing alright or not. The celeb has also been open about her past struggles with mental health, so some fans went so far as to question whether she was experiencing suicidal thoughts. “R U okay Bella?” one fan tweeted. “Don’t do anything to harm yourself bb,” another replied to the actress’ tweet.

Bella has yet to respond to the controversy, but for her sake we hope her fans were only quick to jump to conclusions.