OMG! Did Shane Dawson actually just defend pedophiles?

The YouTube star has sparked controversy after he uploaded a video in which he seemingly defends pedophilia, and you can bet that the Internet hasn’t taken well to his controversial comments.

"Here's my thing," Shane said in the video. "People have foot fetishes, people have fetishes about... everything." He continued, "Fine, everybody do your thing." The star also added, "So why is it when somebody looks at naked babies on Google and jerks off to it they can get arrested?" Um, so does that mean he’s okay with people looking at naked pic of kids? Some fans have taken this as confirmation that Shane himself enjoys this sort of illicit material. Can you believe it?

Shane has since responded to the controversy, explaining that his comments were grossly taken out of context. “That video is all jokes taken out of context and has all the punchlines removed. it also is illegal to claim someone is a pedofile [sic] and use 6 year old jokes as ‘proof,’” Shane wrote on Twitter to defend himself.” Even in the video itself, Shane reaffirms that he does not condone any sort of sexual assault against children.

It’s easy to see how Shane’s comments could have been taken out of context, but most fans agree that he should have thought twice before opening his mouth. We wonder if Shane’s career will ever be able to bounce back!

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