As we've seen over the past week, H&M has caused quite a bit of controversy over the racist marketing they tried to pass off on their website. A children's hoodie with the design "Coolest Monkey in the Jungle" written across it's chest was being modeling by an African American child. Need we say more?

Popular singer The Weeknd was amongst the first of celebrities to speak up on the issue.. going even further as to pull his clothing line from the store as well as vow to never work with them again following the racism allegations.

The newest celeb to come out against the clothing company is none other than G-Eazy, and while a lot of fans were disappointed to hear that he would be pulling his highly anticipated merch line from the stores, they respected his decision, and if anything gave him props on how he handled the situation! He issued a statement on twitter in regard to it (see below) and it makes total sense as to why he did what he did!

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G-Eazy performing

G-Eazy performing

G-Eazy performing with Halsey

G- Eazy at an event

G-Eazy at an Event

G-Eazy at Sirius XM Studios

G-Eazy at his album listening party