Gurl Wendy Williams is back at it throwing shade left and right! The MESS!

The Tv host appeared on her daily daytime show and didn't hold back on her opinion of Katy perry as the new judge on American Idol, Wendy addressed Katy's comments on being a mean judge, "I'm blunt, but I can't be mean 'cause I'm a woman," Perry joked, Katy went on talking about no one from the new panel is the new Simon Cowell "I love Simon, he's my favorite judge," she said. " think we all have our expertise. Luke can speak on a lot more country things, Lionel can speak on everything because he's a legend, I have my pop lane... I think we all bring strengths.".

Well apparently Miss Wendell isn't happy with Katy's answer, "Why can't you be mean just because you're a woman" said Wendy, "You better bring something for 25 million dollars that they're paying you, you were so overpaid and overrated" added Ms Williams, "You know if she's not gonna come with some attitude because you know we like the attitude right? You can't walk all day with lolipops on your boobs and be nice to everybody" said Wendy!

Well Ms Wendy you know not everyone has to be mean like you! people can be honest and give constructive criticism and can still have a succesful show ehm- Oprah - ehm! when will you ever learn Wendy?!

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