• TEA??


Oh the tea is boiling in this wonderful day!

It's been reported that the song 'For You' from the Fifty Shades Freed soundtrack was meant to be Justin Bieber's but all of a sudden for mysterious reasons it became a feature with Rita Ora and Liam- wannabe Justin-Payne.

Rumour has it Justin really wanted to be part of the Fifty Shades Freed soundtrack but due to his busy schedule he didn't want to take anymore projects, according to an insider "Justin was going to land the song solo without any feature" said the insider, The gag is Universal had to replace Justin with two artists Rita & Payne, oh lord the IMPACT of a real Pop star!

Fans on social media are convinced there's a feud between the two male singers, "I won't blame Justin if he dislikes Liam he's totally a Justin copycat" wrote a fan, "Liam is basically taking Justin's leftovers it's so pathetic" commented another fan, "omg I'm glad Justin turned down that song, it' a FLOP both Liam and Rita couldn't save that disaster" wrote another fan. OUCH!

Oh Lord we can't with some of y'all comments, y'all cut deeeep lolz! What do you think? is Liam copying Justin? Tweet us your thoughts @CelebsGo or leave a comment down below.