Guuuurl Sam Smith is soooo Shady.com!!

Sam Smith made an appearance on Watch What Happened Live where the host Andy Cohen asked him bunch of questions in a game called "Plead The Fifth".

The singer was asked about his opinion regarding Kim and Taylor' feud and also to pick a side! well Sam answered and said, "I don't really know her too well, It's been made out that we know each other, but I don't know her too well." he also said "I know Kim more than I know Taylor" now hold on a minute until we pick our jaw from the floor, did he lose his memory with all the weight that he lost?! did he forget that Taylor invited him to join her on stage at her concert, what about sitting next to her in several events posing with her taking pictures, and lets not talk about him attending her 25th birthday party. (Scroll down for video)

Well we shouldn't be surprised after all he threw shade at Taylor few weeks ago when his album was released, Smith liked a tweet saying, "When someone thinks Taylor Swift is a better artist, singer, and song writer than Sam Smith," Sam then retweeted a suggestion that his shady "like" was simply a mistake! yeah RIGHT!

Guuurl!! Sam is so messy!! Tweet us your thoughts @CelebsGo or leave a comment down below.

Taylor Swift with Sam Smith performing at her concert.

Taylor Swift and Sam Smith at the 2015 Grammys

Taylor Swift and Sam Smith at the 2014 AMAs

Taylor Swift and Sam Smith