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Which Jimmy is richer?

Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon are the two reigning hosts of nighttime TV. We love them for their star-studded shows, hilarious senses of humour, and all-around entertaining banter. Each host has had tons of success in Hollywood- but which Jimmy is richer?

Jimmy Kimmel is known for hosting (and being the executive producer) of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, which debuted in 2013. He’s had tons of celebrity guests on the show, and has won multiple awards, including multiple Emmys, Writers Guild awards, and even Teen Choice awards. He reportedly earns $10 million per season thanks to his show, and he’s estimated to have a net worth of $35 million.

Jimmy Fallon is the host of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. He previously hosted Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, and has also worked on Saturday Night Live. The Tonight Show has only been on air since 2014, but he’s just as popular as the other Jimmy. He went from making $5 million per year to $14 million when he began The Tonight Show, and is now said to be worth $35 million- exactly the same as Jimmy Kimmel!

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