These celebs were all arrested this year.

2017 has been a rough year for tons of our favourite celebs! Check out these stars that ran into trouble with the law this year. Which scandal were you the most surprised by?

Rob Kardashian: Rob got into a ton of trouble when he went on an Instagram rant against ex fiancée Blac Chyna. He made a ton of shocking allegations and posted her nude pics for his millions of followers to see. Chyna has slapped him with a restraining order and is now suing for domestic abuse.

Travis Scott: Kylie Jenner’s baby daddy was arrested after he allegedly incited a riot at one of his concerts, similar to an incident that he was also arrested for in 2015. The rapper is now being sued by a concertgoer who says he was paralyzed as a result of the chaos.

Louis Tomlinson: The former One Direction singer and his girlfriend Eleanor Calder got into huge trouble when he assaulted a photographer who got too close to them at the airport. The couple were photographed being escorted away by police.

Nelly: Rapper Nelly was arrested on second-degree assault charges when a woman came forward claiming he raped her on his tour bus. She eventually dropped the case, as her lawyer said she couldn’t handle the pressure of pursuing a celebrity.

Anthony D. Wiener: The disgraced politician got into even more trouble this year when he was sent to jail for sexting (and trying to meet up) with a minor. He’d previously been in the media for sending nude pics of himself with his son in the background to his mistress.

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