We hope these trends stay until the next New Year.

We’ve seen a lot of bold trends come and go in 2017, but there are some we hope carry on until next year. Check out these top five trends that we wish are still a thing come the New Year.

Athleisure: The fact that leggings and sneakers have become chic is every girl’s dream. You don’t need to be going to the gym to rock this comfy trend, which is why we think it needs to stick around a bit longer.

Extra large bags: Big bags were having a moment this spring, which is a nice change from tiny cross body purses, which have been all the rage. You can fit everything and the kitchen sink in these massive purses; so let’s let this trend stay.

The statement hat: Every fashion blogger has been rocking hats as of late. Whether you go for a traditional baseball cap or a trendy newsboy hat, there are tons of ways to jump on this practical trend (which is perfect for a bad hair day).

Robe coats: Coats are looking more and more like housecoats with every new season. This comfy trend makes long, cozy coats with a tie waist the new best thing. Anything that lets us feel like we’re wearing pyjamas needs to stick around.

Waist-Cinchers: Suddenly everything seems to be coming with faux corsets, even basic shirts and t-shirt dresses. The Kardashians helped popularize this trend. But anything that gives us curves like the Kardashians is good in our books.