These stars are homophobic.

Tons of celebrities have voiced their support for LGBTQ rights over the years- but not everyone. These five stars are some of the most homophobic celebs in Hollywood. Were you surprised by anyone on this list?

Isaiah Washington: The actor used to be a regular on Grey’s Anatomy. That is until 2006 when he made a homophobic comment against co-star T.R. Knight, who was forced to come out of the closet because of the incident.

Azealia Banks: Though the rapper once said she was bisexual, she then went on a homophobic rant against blogger Perez Hilton in 2015. Her choice of gay slurs (rightfully) didn’t sit well with many of her fans.

Eminem: The famous rapper is known for using homophobic slurs in his music. He’s defended his actions by saying that was just how he was raised. In 2010, he said he doesn’t actually have anything against queer individuals, though the public feels otherwise.

Candice & Kirk Cameron: This brother and sister duo became famous child stars in the ‘90s. The kids grew up in an extremely religious household, and since they’ve become adults both are outspokenly against the LGBTQ community, arguing that it’s unnatural and against God’s will.

Bow Wow: Bow Wow epically hurt his career in 2009 when he admitted he didn’t let a barber cut his hair because he was gay. “I don't dislike gay people... I just don't want no other man touching me,” he shockingly said.

Take two of these and call me in the morning...

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