Take a look at Floyd Mayweather’s greatest wins in route to being 50-0 in his boxing career

5. Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor (2017)- It was the super fight of the decade. UFC star Conor McGregor called Floyd Mayweather out of retirement to challenge him to a boxing match. Floyd came out of retirement to reestablish himself as the greatest boxer ever by defeating McGregor via 10th round knockout.

4. Mayweather vs Shane Mosley (2001)- This fight will forever be remembered as one of those times where Floyd Mayweather was the aggressor. Mayweather is known for his jab and dodge strategy. However, he won this fight by throwing and landing more punches then the brawler Mosley.

3. Mayweather vs Diego Corrales (2001)- This fight is best known because Corrales had recorded 29 knockouts in just 33 wins. The dangerous Corrales came out aggressive but fell to the classic Mayweather strategy. Mayweather endured the early onslaught from Corrales and quicken the pace in the 7th round, winning the fight after knocking Corrales down after 3 fights.

2. Mayweather vs Maidana (2014)- With Mayweather’s career winding down he scored a big victory of Maidana. The bigger and stronger Maidana was aggressive in charging at Mayweather. Although Floyd did not knock Maidana out, he was viewed by the judges as never being in real danger of getting knocked out himself, and was awarded the victory to improve to 45-0.

1. Mayweather vs Miguel Cotto (2012)- This was the fight everyone waited for, two fan favorites as the powerful Miguel Cotto took on the agile Mayweather. This fight got nasty really quickly as Cotto’s powerful strikes drew blood from Mayweather. The fight could have been better if the two had met a few years ago when they were both in their prime, but it was still one of the most action-packed fights ever.