Harry and Meghan are getting ready to tie the knot, Meghan and Kate are competing for style, and Daisy stuns on Vogue.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will announce their engagement soon! Or, at least that’s what a source predicts. Fans are waiting anxiously for the royal couple to announce their engagement, as many believe Harry as already popped the question for the ‘Suits’ actress. “Harry got Meghan’s dad’s blessing and permission to marry from his grandmother, the Queen, and, most importantly, Meghan has said yes,” the source said, adding that Harry designed her ring.

Now that Meghan is going to become a princess soon, the real question is: Who has better style- Meghan or Kate Middleton? Kate Middleton is married to Prince William, Harry’s older brother. She manages to maintain a sophisticated and almost conservative sense of style, without sacrificing her chicness. Meghan has refined her style since dating Harry, but she’s definitely a bit more adventurous than Kate. We can’t wait to see how she dresses when she’s officially a part of the royal family.

But one celeb we’re sure has better style than both of them is Daisy Ridley, who recently stunned on the cover of Vogue. In the cover shot, she’s wearing a studded leather dress and totally looks fierce. Congrats, Daisy!