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Here’s how Sofia Vergara handles rumors that she and Joe Manganiello are splitting up, when she knows they’re just fine. Sofia Vergara knows just how strong her marriage is to Joe Manganiello, thank you very much. The Modern Family star makes it clear that she isn't fazed when tabloids try to drum up divorce rumors between her and her husband. According to E! Online she tells the Daily News, "we don't care about that... What can you do? It's the entertainment business." It definitely seems like Sofia knows what she signed up for regarding a high profile relationship and fame. Still, E! online reports that Sofia wasn't shy to call out tabloids, specifically Star Magazine, when they reportedly removed her ring from a picture and alleged that she was having an affair. Sofia quickly debunked the rumors and called the story "Fake news." Even if Sofia doesn't care what they say, don't mess with her.


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