Guuuurl stans are back at it again!

Poor thing Ms Tay Tay is currently under the spot light not for the stellar success of her latest album 'Reputation' but this time it's her weight that is the talk on everyone's timeline on social media.

The singer is being scrutinized by fans all over the web throwing shade at her just because she gained few pounds?! "oh wow Taylor is getting fat! I officially unstan I want my skinny queen back" wrote a fan under an Image of Taylor Swift On Instagram, "Taylor doesn't look good at all with all the weight that she gained!! ewww" wrote another fan, "Wow Taylor is failing to sell out her tour and gaining so much weight HAHAHA KARMA BITCH #SwishSwish" commented another fan.

Thank god for the swifties and people who came for the rescue and restored hope in humanity! "I don’t get on someone about how much they weigh. U complain when is thin , oh she too skinny now that she gain weight and look healthy u going to call her fat .. are u kidding me. Yes this is about Taylor Swift I like her and that is all" tweeted a fan.

"It really pisses me off that the media is calling @taylorswift13 fat now. First she was too skinny and people hated her for that and now she has a butt and thighs and looks fucking amazing and now she’s fat? HAHAHA fuck off I must be obese then" Tweeted another fan, Amen to THAT!

Honestly stans can be really horrible, like how about it's none of your business if she gained 2 or 100 pounds it's her body and she can do whatever she wants with it, it belongs to her! Right?! Share your thoughts with us @CelebsGo or leave a comment down below.